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 FAQ ID: 55
 Product Category: => Above Ground Pools => Pool Accessories => Krystal Clear™ Filtration & Sanitation => Cartridge Filter Pumps
 Created on: 2008-01-29 | 05:23:27
 Last Updated: 2008-01-29 | 05:23:27
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What should I do if I'm experiencing some difficulty connecting the hoses onto the black protruding hose connectors?

Due to variations in ambient temperature, PVC parts may become stiffer or softer. To facilitate the connection of the hoses to the black protruding hose connectors on the pool wall, you may use soapy water solution (mix 6 drops of dish detergent in 1/2 a cup of water) to lubricate the hoses and the black protruding hose connectors. Continue installation per owner's manual. Do not use lubricants such as machine oil, industrial oil, or house grease.

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